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Alcatraz-East Pigeon Forge TN.

The Alcatraz-East in Pigeon Forge, TN. is opening soon! Mark your calendars, December 16th is set for the opening day and you can reserve tickets now! Tapping into your inner CSI this crime museum is great for the entire family. Today we’re going to take a sneak peak into Alcatraz-East, Pigeon Forge’s hottest new attraction. Que in the CSI music now. 🙂

Upon entering Alcatraz-East you will be taken back by the design of this remarkable building. The inspiration behind the design comes from the first Tennessee State Prison in Nashville, TN. as well as the Alcatraz Guard Towers. Once you walk in you will experience American History from a different perspective. Take a walk (25,000 square feet to be exact) and experience American History from a criminal’s point of view. Tracking all the way back to the Medieval times when weapons consisted of the sword, halberd, and the bow and arrow. All the way through each era in our history like the Colonial, Wild West, Prohibition, Depression, and the Mob. Be sure to pay close attention to the flooring in the Mob Room, my Dad installed it. 🙂

 Not only will you become educated in the minds of criminals throughout history, there are also a variety of other galleries. These include: Punishment: see first-hand the severity of consequences when criminals get caught. Crime Fighting: dedicated to those who have made an oath to protect and serve.  Crime Scene Investigation: see the forensic science and technology used to track down, interpret, and catch criminals during investigations (this by far may be my favorite gallery to see!), Counterfeit Crime & Pop Culture: this gallery is extremely beneficial because it happens all the time! Become educated and find out how to avoid counterfeit crimes.

I did mention that this was a family friendly place right? 🙂 Here is a list of all the fun for the younger Junior Detectives in your family!

  1. Pirate Life
  2. Legends of the Old West
  3. Child Stops: An interactive question/answer kiosk throughout the museum focusing on cyber bullying,safety, and internet etiquette.
  4. Crack-A-Safe
  5. Police Line Up
  6. Jail Cell
  7. CSI Gallery
  8. Computer Interactives
  9. Meet McGruff the Crime Dog
  10. Become a Top Detective
  11. Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Jewel Thief?

Alcatraz-East focuses on Safety For Kids! You can view some great resources they offer HERE.

I think this museum is going to be a huge hit for locals and tourists! Whether we enjoy the “crime” aspect or not, this is part of our past, unfortunately present, and future. What a great way to learn about the history, the great men and women who serve and protect, the science behind cracking the case, and how to stay safe on the web, and most importantly to inspire and educate our next generation to make wise choices, and the consequences when making wrong ones. Be sure to add Alcatraz-East to your Pigeon Forge bucket list! Also like their Facebook page. Each day they post historical crime facts and pictures of the upcoming grand opening of Alcatraz-East! Whether it is sooner or later, we look forward to seeing you!

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