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Black Friday Smoky Mountain Survival Guide

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner, and with that comes the excitement of the most intense shopping day of the year, Black Friday! If you are planning on spending Thanksgiving and Black Friday in Pigeon Forge this year, keep reading! Here is a Black Friday Smoky Mountain Survival Guide you do not want to miss.

Survival Tip #1: A relaxing place to re-charge

Shopping can wear anyone out, especially shopping on Black Friday! The stores seem to open earlier and earlier and people still show up, lined up outside ready to get their shop on. One thing that is a must and #1 on our Black Friday Smoky Mountain Survival Guide is a place to re-charge and sleep! Here at Resort Property Management we have exactly what you’re looking for! Three properties to choose from, the perfect home-away-from home. You can crash after shopping the night/early morning away. Call 800.429.4361 to check availability, Thanksgiving weekend always fills up quickly!

Survival Tip #2: Have a Shopping Game Plan

Having a game plan is key if you want your Black Friday shopping experience to be successful. There are a lot of stores to choose from so do you homework! Some stores offer early bird specials and others stagger sales throughout the day or weekend. One thing my Mom and I do every year is on Thanksgiving morning we send the guys out to get a Newspaper. We look through all of the ads and decide which stores we want to shop at. We then look at the location of the stores and the times that they open. This way we can decide where to start and where to end! Here are a few options of where to start your shopping:

  1. Tanger Five Oaks Outlet Mall is located in Sevierville and an extremely popular shopping destination throughout the year, but especially on Black Friday. Black Friday hours of operation can be found HERE. I love the variety of stores offered in this outdoor outlet mall and each store seems to do a good job at offering great specials! Get there early! In my experience the lines start forming pretty quick.
  2. The Island in Pigeon Forge has 35 shops to choose from. Last year they were open on Thanksgiving Day from 4pm-10pm. Open regular hours on Black Friday. This may be a great place to grab lunch or a snack in between stores.
  3. Pigeon River Crossing has over 85 stores like Nike Clearance, Izod, Rack Room Shoes, Dress Barn, and more! Located off of Teaster Lane, there is a lot of room for parking. Regular store hours are from 9am-9pm, however I am not seeing Black Friday hours listed. Watch closely! I’m sure they will be soon.

These are only a small suggestion of where to start your Black Friday Shopping. The Pigeon Forge area has a lot to offer! Make your list, check it twice, and check the ads!

Survival Tip #3: Plan your Travel Route

Oh traffic! With all the hype of Black Friday shopping also comes lots and lots of traffic. If you are a regular visitor to this area you may be familiar with the heavy amount of traffic we experience during different times of the year (car show, 4th of July weekend, summer season). Once you figure out your game plan of what you want to purchase and where you want to shop; next comes your travel route! There are a couple options: first you can drive yourself, which is great if you want to store your packages in the car. This to me is the most ideal, because we all know those packages can add up! Next, you can use the Fun Time Trolley! Located at Patriot Park which is adjacent to Whispering Pines, you can park your vehicle in the Patriot Park parking lot, pay $2.50 for a day pass to ride the trolley all day long. This way you can hop on and off taking  you to all of your shopping destinations. This doesn’t eliminate the traffic, but maybe your stress level? You can sit back, take a much needed break, while enjoying the trolley environment. Either way is a win!

Survival Tip #4: Rest & Relax

Black Friday shopping is hard work and you definitely earn a nice relaxing nap once it’s all said and done. What better way to end this Black Friday than with a relaxing evening in your luxurious condo! Whether you are staying at Bear Crossing, Cedar Lodge, or Whispering Pines comfort and cleanliness come first. At Whispering Pines you can enjoy the indoor pool, sauna, workout room, which may make you feel better about all that yummy Thanksgiving dinner you ate, and pie, lots and lots of pie ;). Either you way you will leave refreshed and happy, because 1. You knocked off some of your Christmas shopping list, and 2. You’ve had a quiet, comfortable, home away from home condo to recharge and rest in. 3. You can enjoy all the pretty Winterfest lights! Pigeon Forge knows how to ring in the Christmas season, which has already kicked off here in the Smoky Mountains. You can take an evening walk or drive to enjoy all the beautiful Christmas lights and maybe sip some hot chocolate and sing along to your favorite Christmas song. Fa la la la la!

So that is is folks! The Black Friday Smoky Mountain Survival Guide, to help ensure black friday shopping success! If you haven’t already, book your condo, make a game plan, plan your travel route, and be prepared to rest and relax after it’s all said and done. This time of year is always my favorite, but by choosing to stay in Pigeon Forge, it can be the best! Gobble Gobble Gobble, and Ho Ho Ho, we hope to see you soon!

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