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Gatlinburg Wildfires The Aftermath

The unimaginable has struck our beautiful area and has left most of us speechless. For those who have been following the news and Facebook feeds most of Gatlinburg was raging with fire Monday November 28th. Evacuations were made and first responders have been working around the clock to ensure civilian safety. There has been so much devastation, and it is not over yet. High winds along with low moisture have made it difficult to distinguish all the fires.

At a time when our small town has faced the unimaginable the most beautiful thing has happened. The community is pulling together to help those who have suffered loss and to the emergency personnel who are risking their lives to contain these wildfires. Restaurants are offering free meals to victims and donation drop offs have been set up to aid those who have lost everything. There have been many different types of aid set up for those who would like to donate. You can view a list on WBIR website.

We know that the locals are not the only people who love this historical area, the hundreds of thousands of visitors we receive every year call The Great Smoky Mountains their second home. We are all carrying heavy hearts as the true devastation comes to light as time goes on. However, we are strong, and we can come back from this. The beauty can and will be restored, over time, with love and support of our community which is now stronger than ever. Please continue to pray for our area, especially for all emergency personnel who have and are continuing to fight to keep our community safe. We are and will forever be #seviercountystrong .

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