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Vacationing on a Budget

Vacations can be hard to come by these days. Our minds get clouded with a whole bunch of $$$ and wondering how to come up with all those $$$. Do not fret! Vacationing on a Budget is the answer to making any dream vacation a reality. It may take a little extra time and planning, but your family will thank you (and you will thank yourself) when you are enjoying that wonderful budget friendly vacation. Vacations are a well-deserved life treat and must not be dampened by that huge cloud of $$$. So let’s get started and learn how Vacationing on a Budget is the way to go!

Planning Ahead

I love planning vacations! The excitement of knowing you are going somewhere just gets my blood pumping (I love going to the airport too, everyone is going somewhere!) Rule number 1 in Vacationing on a Budget is to plan early. Look at your calendar and decide when would be the best time for you and your family to travel. You may want to have a couple different options depending on availability of the lodging accommodations you choose. Also, when looking at lodging, check to see when the rates are the lowest (or somewhere within your budget). Here at Resort Property Management we offer Discounted Lodging Specials throughout the year!

Cash Allowance

During my research for this topic, I learned that most experts say to allot 8% of your income to recreation (or in this case, vacation!) Figure out how much you can afford to spend on vacation as a total. Once you have a round about figure of the total budget for your vacation you have to promise yourself to stick as close to the budget as possible. Here is how we do this: 1. Figure out the approximate cost of all the fixed expenses. For example: Lodging, transportation, food etc. 2. Deduct the amount of the fixed expenses from the total vacation budget. The  amount left over is what you have left to “play” with. 3. Use the leftover money to determine how much $ you have leftover to spend during each day you are on vacation. 4. Then, create envelopes labeled each day of your vacation with the amount inside. This is a strict and effective way to not blow your budget (which is very tempting when you are caught up in all the fun and excitement of being on vacation) 😉

Shop Smart

For those of you that like to bring gifts back to your loved ones who didn’t make it on vacation, be careful! This can drain your vacation money. Try making a list ahead of time of those whom you want to purchase a gift for. This way you can look at how much money you have remaining in your budget, versus the number of loved ones you are purchasing for. My favorite family quote applies here: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. It may sound like a lot of work, but man is it worth it! Also, when purchasing souvenirs, think about what your are purchasing. I know we are all guilty of impulse shopping. You buy something because it strikes your eye, is “super cute”, and you just “had to have it”. Then when you get home, months after your trip, that “had to have” souvenir is collecting dust on the shelf in the corner. I may plead the 5th on this one ;). Shop smart! Think about what you’re buying and how you plan to use it. Another great option to capture the memories of your vacation are pictures! Take lots and lots of pictures! Then you can create an adorable photo book that you’re family can look back on for generations. That my friends is priceless. 🙂

Eat Like a Local

We all have to eat, and sometimes eating while on vacation gets pricey! You can still enjoy delicious food while Vacationing on a Budget. We recommend eating like you are not on vacation. (say what?) 🙂 This is what we mean. Plan to dine in and dine out. Just like you would do if you were at home and NOT on vacation. If you plan to dine out, do so for breakfast or lunch (since menu items seems to be cheaper during those meals). Lucky for you if you are staying with us at Resort Property Management, our luxury condos are equipped with a full service kitchen! You can dine in, or if you are a take out kind of family, grab the goods and bring it back to the condo!

Vacationing on a Budget can be done! It’s this simple. 1. Plan ahead 2. Do your research. 3. Create a cash allowance 4. Shop smart! 5. Eat like a local. 6. Show up, make memories and have fun! Going on a vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. It shouldn’t if you follow these helpful tips we’ve gone over today. So grab your calendar and start planning! We look forward to seeing you soon, while Vacationing on a Budget!

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