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Valentine’s Day 2017


February 14, 2017, the big day of love, is fast approaching! Have you made plans for you and your sweetheart yet? If you are lacking ideas rest assured, you have come to the right place! Whether you are a Casanova romantic or a sweet and simple romantic, Valentine’s Day 2017 is sure to be epic. Grab a pen and take some notes; you’re about to earn some major brownie points this year. 😉


It’s the Thought that counts…

This day can build a lot of pressure for most people. First and foremost..your sweetheart loves you and will still love you after this day is over.  Whatever you decide to do or buy doesn’t have to be a huge stressful ordeal. It truly is the thought that counts. When you love someone, it should be easy and exciting to think of something nice to do for them. Have fun and whatever you do, do not stress. 🙂


A for Effort

Here are some words of advice. Do not wait until the last minute. 🙂 Sometimes this can be pulled off, but most times it is obvious that you scrounged together something at the very last minute because either A. you forgot or B. you didn’t know what to do, so stopped at the store on the way home from work and grabbed the first thing you saw.

Yes, I know this day annoys some people, but if you are going to give or do something for your sweetheart, put in some effort.  I can promise you, the man or woman on the receiving end will notice and be forever grateful. Even if it completely falls apart and doesn’t go as planned. Your love will see how much you put into it and will appreciate the time and effort you spent on preparing something so thoughtful for them. Can we say brownie points? Woot!


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Sugar is sweet and so are you! Poetry is a cute way to share your love to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day 2017. If you are a natural born writer than you are awesome, write something from scratch. If you are like me and need some assistance, I found the Poetry Foundation to be extremely helpful. Be creative in delivering your sweet message. When I was growing up, my Dad would always give my Mom and I a Valentine’s Day gift. He would usually leave for work before us, so a lot of times he would have it waiting in the car when we left for the day. Something fun to find unexpectedly and it definitely had a huge impact on the start to our day. See? It’s the simple and thoughtful things. 🙂


Keep it Real

There are many versions of how this day pans out for everyone. Some people go what I like to call “over the top” or “extreme” while others may forget completely or buy a box of chocolates. (chocolates are not bad-I love chocolate). I just want to remind you to keep it real. I think sometimes with advertisements and such, we lose the whole point of this day. We are to share and express our love for our sweetheart. This can be SO SIMPLE, yet sometimes we end up spending a fortune on gifts. (didn’t we just have Christmas folks?) Don’t focus so much on what to buy them as to what to do to make them understand just how much you love them. I found a great resource from Family Life website with lots of sweet, simple, and thoughtful ideas on how to capture just that for Valentine’s Day 2017.


A Weekend Away

This may be a little more costly, but the quality time you will get to spend with your sweetheart is completely worth it. Life is extremely busy these days, jam packed with so much. We sometimes forget to take the time as a couple to nourish our relationship, which is much needed. Can I make a suggestion? You need to come to the Smoky Mountains! There is nothing more romantic than weekend getaway to the Smokies. We’ve got just the place for you! Here are Resort Property Management we offer luxury condos 1-4 bedrooms, seasonal fireplace, full service kitchen, and a private balcony! The perfect environment for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart. Call 800.429.4361 to speak with one of our friendly reservationists and they can set you up for the best Valentine’s Day 2017  weekend getaway!


That’s the skinny. You should now be full of ideas on how to share your love for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day 2017. We sure hope you decide to spend Valentine’s Day in the Smokies! We look forward to seeing you, and as Dolly always says: “I’ll Always Love You”.


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