Brick & Spoon in Pigeon Forge

Rise and dine, it’s time for a breakfast, brunch or lunch here in town that you all will never forget! We know that all the pancake houses in town are delicious, but how about we try something new and off the beaten path so to speak? If you’re looking for something different, but absolutely amazing, this is just the place for you. Brick & Spoon in Pigeon Forge is opening up very soon! We are so excited to welcome this new dining experience to our area. They have an eclectic menu full of incredible Southern dishes to choose from like breakfast tacos, bayou benedict, grown-up grilled cheese, crab cakes, and even a grilled fish po boy! They offer a lot of amazing seafood dishes, but it’s their breakfast that is speaking to me on a whole other level. If you’re a breakfast lover like we are then we’re sure you’ll be talking about the food at Brick & Spoon for months to come. We’re talking gourmet omelettes, eggs benedict, french toast, and so much more. Of course they will also feature a wonderful kids menu, so everyone can leave happy and satisfied. You will feel like you’re eating at an upscale restaurant, but it’s actually at a very affordable price tag for the creative and one of a kind meals you’ll be receiving. I can’t wait for them to finally open their doors this weekend so we can try out their dishes and become food critics for a day (a dream job or what, haha.)

Located at 138 Community Drive in Pigeon Forge, this upscale breakfast, brunch, and lunch dining establishment is sure to become a favorite for everyone who tries it. According to their website, Brick & Spoon was voted as one of the top 10 breakfasts in the US by Travel + Leisure, so it’s bound to be a winner. Serving delightful Southern favorites with their very own unique twist, they will be bringing something fresh and completely different to our area. It maybe considered upscale, but it still has a very casual feel to it as well. The dishes don’t break the bank, but still offer sophistication at a great price. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet meal or just a simple cup of coffee, they will have it all and then some. It was just announced that they’ll be opening their doors to the public this weekend (September 15th!) We’ll be the first in line with you, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this brand new eatery.

Another thing that will get you extremely excited about Brick & Spoon in Pigeon Forge is that they will be serving Mimosas and build your own Bloody Mary’s (as long as you’re 21 or older of course!) There are very few places in our area that serve either of these, so this is an extra added bonus that we simply cannot wait for. They will also be serving wine and beer and other wonderful and unique cocktails. Their cocktails are sure to go great with their delicious entrees. They’re just screaming brunch, am I right?! It doesn’t even have to be Sunday now to pay a visit.If you haven’t ever ate here (since they have a few other locations) or heard of this place before, check out their Facebook page for more info and don’t forget to browse the menu! Are you getting as excited as we are? We can’t wait for them to bring their flavor to Pigeon Forge.

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at the new Brick & Spoon in Pigeon Forge! Join us on September 15th as we all line up to try this incredible new breakfast, brunch, and lunch dining destination here in town. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us food and ambience wise, we’re sure they won’t disappoint. Their delicious and gourmet meals are sure to blow our taste buds right out of the water. There’s nothing we love more than brand new restaurants opening up around the area. Are you ready to try Brick & Spoon with us? Book Your Pigeon Forge Vacation now and get ready for all the excitement. You can also give us a call at 1.800.429.4361 and one of our friendly reservationists would love to assist you with finding the perfect condo for your stay. Come and join our family here at Resort Properties, we would absolutely love to have you! Make sure to let us know what you think about Brick & Spoon in Pigeon Forge when you finally get to try it next weekend, we’ll be thrilled to hear your feedback! Don’t forget to also take a peek at our prior blog post about Where the Locals Eat.