Dollywoods Summer Celebration

It’s summer once again and that means it’s finally time for your annual family vacation! We know that a lot comes with planning the ideal getaway and it can become extremely overwhelming sometimes just to choose a place alone to visit. You have to find somewhere that has plenty of things to do for everyone in your party, no matter what age they are. Luckily for us, Pigeon Forge can check those boxes right off your list. Our charming town is full of entertainment and excitement at every corner. We have all kinds of attractions, restaurants, shops, shows, and more to choose from when planning your daily itinerary. We know the next most important part of vacation planning is finding a clean and comfortable place to relax at after a busy day out and about. When you stay with us at Bear Crossing, Big Bear Resort, Cedar Lodge, and Whispering Pines, we offer affordable one to four bedroom luxury condos that come complete with a private balcony facing either the city, mountains, river, or secluded nature area behind the condo itself! As a thank you for booking with us, you receive FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in town, as well as a free dinner and drink each night at Mama’s Farmhouse. We all know it isn’t a Pigeon Forge vacation if you don’t visit the park that really helped to put our town on the map, and this season just so happens to be one of the best times to visit. Let’s take a look at Dollywoods Summer Celebration!

This family friendly park offers enjoyment from the moment you step inside until when the park officially closes. 2018 is a very exciting year for the Dollywood Company and during Dollywoods Summer Celebration is a great time to visit this family friendly park. They invested millions of dollars into their entertainment, which is truly top notch, for us all to get to experience and enjoy while visiting this year. This summer, you’ll want to be here later at night to get to see some of the most incredible performances they’ve ever had. First up, we get to welcome America’s Got Talent finalists iLuminate as they dazzle us with costumes that glow-in-the-dark while they perform numerous dance routines and illusions for us all to witness up close and personally. Their electrifying performances will leave you absolutely mesmerized, it’s sure to be something you’ve never seen before. We know they were finalists on a popular tv show, but when they perform from July 7th through the 21st, they’re going to be debuting all new light suits and dances that have never been seen before. They will still include some prior audience favorites, but the new stuff will make these show even more of a must see. We can’t wait to finally get to see this heavily anticipated addition! Another performance you won’t want to miss is DRUMLine Live who will be performing from June 16th through July 4th. This incredible show will feature riveting musical rhythm, incredible beats, and a whole lot of entertaining energy! This family show is sure to have you all on your feet by the end of it. This will be unlike anything you’ve seen before, and as the Dollywood website says, “this is more than just the typical halftime performance!” Another brand new evening show was also added and it’s called Nighttime Experience. Dollywood’s daytime performers will now come together at night to have us all dancing and jamming our way into the dark. These singers, dancers, and live performers will be showing off their very own interpretation of some of today’s greatest hits. They will be performing from July 25th to August 8th. I am sure that you can tell by now that visiting during Dollywoods Summer Celebration is a sure way to enjoy your Pigeon Forge Vacation. 

Our favorite part about visiting Dollywood during the Summer is getting to see Dolly’s Nights of Many Colors starting every single night at 9:30 pm. This fireworks extravaganza really ends your night at this popular park with a bang so to speak. Watch as a beautiful array of colors take over the sky for a show full of mesmerizing beauty. The best part of this outstanding show is that the fireworks are actually synchronized to music, making it even more special and something the entire family will love. Getting to spend time with the ones that we love is the most important part of our annual vacation and getting to do so while bright colors light up the sky just truly can’t be beat. We’re sure this will be one moment that you all will never forget!

This popular amusement park has rides for absolutely everyone in your party. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you will love all the roller coasters here, especially the Lightning Rod! If you’re looking to feel like you’re gliding in the sky, the Wild Eagle will be calling your name from the moment you step inside. They also have plenty of thrill rides, like Drop Line, if you aren’t a big fan of roller coasters or you’re looking for something a little different for a while. They have plenty of kid areas as well that have a wide array of rides for the kiddos. There are numerous shows that go on during the day if you need a break from walking around but still want to have an entertaining time. We know that it’s going to get hot, but lucky for us, they have a way to beat the heat. This summer they will be opening two brand new water rides for us all to try out (and love I’m sure!) Daredevil Falls is a boating expedition that will leave you soaked but wanting to go on again and again. Mountain Slidewinder will also be opening and it’s unlike any log flume you’ve ever been on it! This new ride will literally take you down the mountainside as you splash around and cool off during a hot day at the park. It’s sure to be a complete rush. These new rides are sure to become guest favorites after just one trip on them!

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at Dollywoods Summer Celebration! There is always something new and exciting going on at this beloved park every year and we get so excited when new information is finally released about it. Summer is truly one of the best times to visit this park, they offer so much entertainment for us all to enjoy. If you’re looking to create a bunch of new family memories, this is definitely one place to visit to do so. Don’t forget that there’s going to be a huge expansion coming to Dollywood and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful amusement park! So what are you waiting for? Book Your Pigeon Forge Vacation now or give us a call at 1.800.429.4361 and one of our friendly reservationists would love to assist you with finding the perfect condo for your stay. Come and join our family here at Resort Properties, we would love to have you! Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about Dollywoods Summer Celebration this year, we absolutely love hearing your comments about these special events!